Art of Switzerland and Italy

The DavidMors watch is a product of combining the art of Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, and Botswana. This brand offers elegance and unique watches to its users around the world.

Botswana Diamonds


Authenticity is of outstanding feature for picking a watch brand by many users. The authenticity of a brand and the components of a watch always speak first. DavidMors is a leading brand of Swiss watches that offer novel design while maintaining its authenticity.

The beating heart of DavidMors watches is all made by Ronda AG, a Swiss manufacturer of clock quartz and automatic motors. The company was founded in 1948 by William Mosset in the Waldenburg Valley and is headquartered presently in Lausen, Switzerland.


The brilliants used on the dials are ordered by DavidMors from a mine in the Republic of Botswana in South Africa. Brilliants are cut in Antwerp, Belgium, and prepared to install on DavidMors watches.

Antwerp is the second populated city (after Brussels) and the largest city (in the area) in Belgium. Antwerp is a prominent diamond trading center in the world. There are more than 380 diamond cutting and polishing workshops in this city, with a $ 200 million diamond exchange in daily rounds. Brilliants utilized in DavidMors watches are cut and polished by hand in Antwerp using the most transparent and purest diamonds extracted from Jwanengs mine. This is why DavidMors brilliants hold many international certifications and approvals.

  • Straps of most DavidMors watches are with mix and match capability. This allows the user to replace the strap in only a few seconds by two fingers, without the need for tools or knowledge. This means that straps of many colors can be matched with a watch in different styles.
  • DavidMors products with their unique design are manufactured limitedly, meaninig that there are only a certain number of watches accessible that give the product collectibility.