Frequently asked questions of Davidmors Watches
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How can I be certain I am buying an authentic DavidMors watch?
DavidMors sells its watches exclusively through its global network of certified distributors, whose addresses are listed in the Store Locator section. Furthermore, DavidMors watches are sold with an international warranty card completed by the retail outlet and stating the serial number, reference of the watch, as well as the full name and address of the reseller. If in doubt regarding the origin of your watch, you can check authenticity of your watch in the Product Authentication section.
Where can I obtain a DavidMors catalogue?
You can request a catalogue from any official DavidMors retailer or from one of our official representatives in your country. The catalogue can also be viewed online in the Download section
How do I determine my wrist size?
See PDF file: https://davidmors.com/media/davidmors_sizing.pdf Please note that we do not accept returns once the watch bracelet has been sized.
Does the website show all DavidMors watches?
On this site you will find all DavidMors products in the Collection section. Please note that certain watch models found on the website are not available in all countries. For additional information, don't hesitate to contact an official DavidMors agent.
I just placed an order online, when can I expect to receive my watch?
Shipment time is estimated between 2-5 working days.
Where can I find the price for a DavidMors watch?
Contact your national distributor or your nearest official DavidMors retailer. You can check prices of online in the website.
Can I purchase a DavidMors watch at the company headquarters?
We sell DavidMors products exclusively through our network of selected retailers and our online shop.
Where can I purchase a DavidMors watch?
Please use our store locator to find your nearest official DavidMors retailer.
Guarantee and Warranty
Where can I find the serial number for my DavidMors watch?
The serial number, is essential in finding the information relating to your watch. According to the era, this number (consisting of numeric characters only) can be engraved in various places: On the outside of the case back (this is common for more recent wristwatches) Inside the case back On the watch movement As such, you may need to have the watch opened by a watchmaker.
Can I order spare parts directly from DavidMors?
Only service centres meeting the strict criteria relating to equipment and technical skills are supplied with original DavidMors spare parts. This allows all customers to enjoy a service in line with DavidMors's standards of excellence.
What is the battery life? What does EOL mean?
Battery life usually varies between two and five years depending on the type of watch, its dimensions and the amount of energy required by its various functions. For example, a watch whose chronograph is activated continually will have a higher energy consumption than a watch which only displays hours and minutes. Most DavidMors watches have a battery EOL (End Of Life) indicator. When the second hand begins to jump every four seconds, it is time to have the battery replaced by a DavidMors-certified watchmaker.
Can my watch be serviced and do you have the spare parts?
Servicing of your watch depends firstly on the availability of its components. From the date production of your watch ceases, we guarantee the availability of spare parts for a minimum of 10 years. If production of a particular part is haltered or suspended for any reason, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to offer an alternative solution. We will also do our utmost to maintain collector's pieces and jubilee watches.
What is the difference between a partial service and a complete service?
A "partial" service consists mainly in a battery replacement for quartz watches or an adjustment of the rate for mechanical watches. In addition, the replacement of spare parts guaranteeing the water resistance are also included in this service. A service becomes "complete" when interventions on the movements turn out to be necessary (replacement of worn components and oils). All operations of the partial service are also included in the complete service.
Where can I obtain a user guide?
User's manual is available in the Warranty and User's Manual section. You can also contact one of our official representatives in your country.
What is your return policy?
DavidMors is happy to issue a full refund for any unworn, undamaged watch provided the watch is returned within 30 days of delivery. Watches must pass a quality inspection from our customer service department. Please review our Return Policy section for complete information.
What precautions should be taken to guarantee optimum functioning of your DavidMors?
Precautions for use and care advice can be found in the Watch Care section. In addition to that advice, we also recommend having a service carried out every three to four years by a DavidMors-certified service centre.
Can DavidMors watches be worn in the water?
DavidMors watches are designed to be water resistant to a pressure of 3 bar (30m/100ft), 5 bar (50m/165ft), 10 bar (100m/330ft), 20 bar (200m/660ft) or 30 bar (300m/1000ft), as indicated on the each product information page in the website. Watches are pressure tested in a laboratory by means of tests conducted at various pressures corresponding to the pressure experienced by a swimmer or diver sitting still at various depths. However, many water-based activities involve a lot of movement and other environmental changes which exceed the boundaries of the tests conducted and may therefore affect the water resistance of a watch. A watch's water resistance cannot be guaranteed indefinitely, as it may be affected by ageing gaskets or an accidental impact to the watch. As stipulated in our Watch Care section we recommend that you have the water resistance of your watch checked once a year by an approved DavidMors service agent. We also recommend that you do not under any circumstances open the watch yourself and do not adjust the time-setting crown and/or pushers (buttons) when your watch is underwater. Similarly, check that the crown is in position 1 (pushed in) or screwed down (depending on the model) before you enter the water.