Sapphire watch crystal is made of aluminium oxide power (Al2O3) heated to over 2000°C. The resultant sapphire nugget is cut with great precision into fine slices, trimmed and polished. Sapphire is extremely scratch-resistant, shock-resistant and is very transparent. This is why sapphire crystal is an essential element in the DS Concept and is used by DavidMors in some of its models to protect the dials.

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With their incomparable timeless brilliance, diamonds are a natural complement to the long-lasting beauty of DavidMors timepieces. DavidMors only uses fine white Top Wesselton diamonds. Additionally, DavidMors only buys stones that meet the requirements of the Kimberley process, which prevents the use of blood diamonds


The 316L stainless steel which DavidMors uses for cases, bracelets and clasps, for instance, is extremely resistant, corrosion-resistant and hypoallergenic. It contains only a very small proportion of nickel, which is not released when worn and therefore does not trigger any nickel allergies.

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Titanium is a metallic element which is not only extremely robust, hypoallergenic and corrosion-resistant, but also particularly light – approximately half as heavy as steel. This is why DavidMors uses it to manufacture particularly comfortable cases, bracelets and clasps.


PVD is the abbreviation for physical vapor deposition and refers to a modern coating method through which a material, for instance gold, can be transferred in a vaporized form, to a steel or titanium substrate. The result is as fine as it is durable. PVD is resistant, corrosion-resistant and very hard.

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This organic material, which DavidMors uses for particularly precious dials on women’s watches, comes from the innermost layer of shell of some mollusks. Iridescent, shimmery mother-of-pearl is very brittle and must be processed with great care, which makes it even more valuable.